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About Our Referral program

Referral Questions

1How do I use the Referral Portal?

The Referral Portal is your one-stop page with everything you need to get started earning money promoting our products. Each tab on this page is explained below:

  • Affiliate URLS: This is where you can find your affiliate username and your basic referral link. This link will send prospective buyers to the homepage of our website. Here you can also create custom referral link campaigns that link directly to a product for more precise promotion.
  • Statistics: View overall earnings, visits, conversion rates, and current campaign results.
  • Graph: View a graph of your referral results and earnings on this page. You can filter results to be viewed by week, month, quarter, and so on.
  • Referrals: Check out all of your past successful referrals, how much they were for, what they were for, and their current status. 
  • Payouts: View your payout history and the status of your most recent payout.
  • Visits: See every time a customer has used one of your referral links, whether or not they converted, and when it happened.
  • Creatives: View and download assets that you can use to promote our products. Have a request? Don’t be afraid to reach out and see if we can provide a specific creative piece you are looking for.
  • Settings: This is where you go to update your account settings. You can also manage email notifications for new successful referrals.
  • Log Out: You guessed it! Click here to log out of your referral account.
2How do I find a referral link to a specific product?

It’s easy to create a custom referral link!

  1. Head to the Referral Portal Page.
  2. View the “Affiliate URLs” tab.
  3. Look for the “Referral URL Generator” section.
  4. In the input field for “Page URL”, please paste the link for the page you want to send your referrals to (For example, if you wanted to link directly to our capsules, you would copy/paste: https://www.thecbdpath.com/product/liquid-capsules-25mg-full-spectrum-cbd-capsule/ into the field)
  5. In the “Campaign Name” field, you can put a name for the campaign. This can either be related to where you are placing a campaign or the product you are pointing to. It’s up to you! If you want to track the referrals from a specific instagram post, you can create a campaign just for that post to get a unique Referral Link to track.
  6. Click “Generate URL”.
  7. Copy the newly generated “Referral URL” and start promoting!
3In my Visits tab, why is there a red “x” under “Converted”?

This means that someone used your link to buy a product, but didn’t follow through. Don’t worry! It’s common for visitors to view a link, leave, and then come back later to make a purchase. We use cookies to track each referral, so if they come back to our site and buy a product within a week, you will still get credit for the sale (even if it isn’t the one the link was for).

4Will I get credit for a sale if the customer leaves and comes back later?

Your referral link follows are valid for one full week after the customer originally clicks through. So if a customer clicks your referral link, leaves the site, and then comes back and buys something a few days later, you still get credit-- and your payout--for that referral.

5What if a customer uses two different referral links from different affiliates? Who gets the credit?

In the event of a customer following a second referral link before the first link’s 1-week expiration date, we prioritize the most recent referral link used.

6Where can I get images and advertising materials to use to promote your products?

We provide materials for you directly in the Referral Portal to make promoting our products easy and convenient.

  1. Head to the Referral Portal Page.
  2. View the “Creatives” tab.
  3. Download any of the assets on this page.

Payment Questions

1How much money do I make from each referral?

We appreciate your help in spreading the CBD PATH message. That’s why we give a 25% portion of each sale (before shipping) to our affiliates.

2Is there a limit to how much money I can make?

There are absolutely no limits to how much you can earn in this program!

3Do I need to file taxes for my earnings?

Yes, the income from affiliate marketing does count as taxable income. If you earn over $600 from your referrals, we will send you a 1099 form for your taxes.

4When will I get my next Payout?

Since we have a 30 day return policy, we generally pay our affiliates within 60 days of their referral. If you have any questions or concerns about your payout, feel free to contact us.

5How will I be paid?
To be updated.