About The CBD Path


CBD Path is a company on a mission

to offer superior quality products specific to each customer's unique needs.

We've seen firsthand how this plant has impacted the lives of countless friends, family members and members of the veteran community. We've seen our loved ones recover from surgeries, injuries, insomnia and chemotherapy. It was these folks and their stories that inspired us to start CBD Path.


No matter the starting point, we're here to support you in your journey to health and happiness.

You're the hero of your own story, and our products are the tools that will help you on your path to life balance.


Meet our founder and CEO: Mike Donnelly

Miami, Florida born and raised. Having served as a Navy SEAL for almost a decade, our founder and CEO Mike Donnelly knows what it means to put mileage on your body-- and he can tell you that the right toolkit is the secret to longevity, vigor, and strength. When he isn't working or volunteering, Mike is working out, forever committed to a foundation of fitness and training. Mike lives in Miami with his wife Claudia, sons Michael, Martin, and daughter Gabriela.

At CBD Path, we donate a portion of our profits to a veteran-focused non-profit organization. And apart from our business model, our CEO Mike Donnelly is giving back to the community on his own time. Between operating several successful businesses, serving as a board member for the National Navy UDT-SEAL Museum and the Trident House, Mike volunteers throughout the year in fundraising events across the country to raise money for the families of fallen SEALs.